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Global Communications is a mail order company located at S-9141 State Road 23,  north of Plain, Wisconsin.  Orders for equipment described in this catalog are accepted, with payment made in advance by check or money order payable to
Global Communications
S-9141 State Road 23
Plain, WI  53577-9612
We also accept VISA, MasterCard, & Discover cards in payment.  There is a $25.00 minimum on ALL orders.

Unless otherwise prior arrangements have been made, we reserve the right to hold shipments until check or money order payments have been deposited and cleared in our account.  Please allow up to 7 days for out-of-state checks to clear the banking process.  Money orders and cashier's checks are normally cleared within one business day of deposit, as are wire transfers.  IF you have any questions, please call or e-mail to discuss your particular situation.  Once you have been approved as a regular customer, less stringent terms may be given on a case-by-case basis.  We do NOT carry open accounts or terms, nor do we ship C.O.D.

Credit card transactions are subject to equipment being available for shipping.  In some cases, we may ship directly from the manufacturer to the customer (called a drop shipment), in the event of not having local stock on that item, or to expedite delivery.  All shipping costs will be quoted in advance by Email if requested, and assume shipment by UPS or FedEx Ground.  On certain small items less than four pounds, we may also use Post Office Priority Mail for reasons of speed and economy.  Expedited shipments via 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air, or Overnight via United Parcel Service and other carriers will incur additional costs, and must be confirmed and agreed upon before the transaction will proceed.

We would appreciate it if customers use a copy of the form on the next page for all orders made thru the U.S. Mail.  Credit card transactions should either be faxed to (608) 546-2157, or by Email to      We can use the telephone, but it is best to have a written document to reduce errors and general confusion.                              


All electronics items are sold on the basis of all sales being final.  Be certain that you want something before ordering;  returns must be approved in advance, and will only be considered in the case of remedying manufacturer's defects.  In the event that an item is defective out of the box, you have the choice of a full refund (less our outgoing shipping costs), or a replacement in good condition shipped at our cost via the same method as originally transported.  Replacements will be shipped only after we have received the defective merchandise and performed an operational test and /or a visual inspection.  All items sent to Global Communications for replacement under these circumstances must be shipped prepaid at your expense.

Any items refused and returned by the customer for reasons other than shipping damage will be assessed a 20% restocking fee plus all shipping costs.  In the event of receiving a parcel damaged by the shipping company, please do a physical inspection to determine if there is actual damage to the items within.  Make a notation and report it immediately to that shipping company's delivery representative.  The will protect the shipper (us), and you, in the event that a claim must be filed to recover damages caused by the shipping company.  Contact Global Communications as soon as possible to report the problem, so that we can offer a suitable remedy to the situation.

All warranty policies are determined by those of the equipment manufacturer.  Global Communications must strictly follow those policies.  As an extra service to our customers, DOAs or equipment failures will be replaced directly by Global Communications in accordance with previously mentioned terms and conditions, within 30 days of the original date of shipment to customer.  After this period, all warranties are handled directly between consumer and manufacturer.  Please feel free to contact Global Communications for details on how to contact these manufacturers or their agents in processing a warranty claim or for further clarification.

Global Communications cannot accept responsibility for the future availability of programming from subscription or free sources.  Such availability is controlled by others, making it impossible to predict the future.  Therefore, we cannot accept returns of satellite reception equipment when other parties change existing circumstances and thereby affect reception or other availability of previously received satellite services.  Thank you for your understanding in these and other matters.



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Other Notes:
(Acknowledging our business and returns policies, outlined on a previous page)

3-Digit Security Code On Back Of Card:  __________
Credit card orders, please fax to (608) 546-2157, or send a completed
form, scanned in a PDF file via Email to
Those sending check or money order, please print or photocopy form
and mail to:
GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Telephone  (608) 546-2523
S-9141  State Road 23            Fax  (608) 546-2157
Plain, WI   53577-9612